Guidelines for setting my Goals
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Focus Goals 

Focus Goals for March 25, 2013 

Focus Goals for March 18, 2013 
Focus Goals for March 11  
Focus Goals March 3, 2013

Focus Goals Feb 25
 Focus Goal Febuary 18
Focus Goals Feb 11, 2013
Focus Goals for Feb 4-8, 2013
Focus Goals for January 28-Feb 1, 2013
Focus Goals for January 21-25, 2013 (at the bottom of post)
Focus Goals for January 14-18 2013

Focus Posts

Embrace that Project Calling your Name 
Monthly Cleaning Schedule Download
Weekly Plan Sheet

Focus Part 1: You Can't Win the Championship before Winning a Game
Focus Part 2: Habits
Focus Part 3:New Year Resolutions
Keep Running, but Watch out for the Lightning
Run Like your Melody Fairchild, Run like your Suzy Favor OH Just Run!


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    1. Thanks for allowing me to share your suggestion MadewithLove. Sharing with each other helps us all find more strength to stay focused!

      From Made with Love: A suggestion for Morning Prayer ... Pray Scripture over yourself, those you love, or just your day in general. For example, "Father God. Please help me to 'walk by faith, not by sight' (II Corinthians 5:7) ... Amen." This helps align your will with His Will.


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