Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Politics, One Mom's View

I would like to share a couple of Political conversations from my house.

When I asked my oldest son if they talked about politics at school, he responded, “One time at lunch a kid said maybe if Romney gets elected we’ll get more food at lunch”.

During the last presidential election my younger son participated in a mock election and selected his president by their favorite food and sport. He asked me why I didn’t vote for Obama and I said, “He doesn’t believe in the same things as me.” “Like what mom, ghosts?”

Wouldn’t it be nice if politics were this simple? I could just pack my kids lunches and tell them there is no such thing as ghosts.

Last night was very hard for me. You may think I’m silly, but I have already cried several times over the election.  It was hard to watch so many speeches celebrating ideas that are opposite my values. I ended up dozing off before the final results were in. When my husband woke me later to go to bed he asked, “Did you hear who won?” From the tone in his voice I already knew. I just wanted to plug my ears like a child. Maybe if I didn’t hear it, it wouldn’t be true. After 4 years of watching this president, and finding out what he was all about, people still voted for him and others that stand for the same principles.  How could we be so outnumbered? 

My first thought was, “Idiots!”, and several more thoughts after that were the same.“We just have to stay positive”, my husband said. I returned, “How can I support someone that stands for so many things I am against?” I was then told, “You don’t have to support him, just stay positive.”
 Our conversation reminded me of a religious radio show I heard a couple weeks ago. “Love thy neighbor.”  This was going to be hard, just hours ago I called half of them idiots.  What this program pointed out is Love thy neighbor does NOT mean you compromise your morals and values. It means standing your ground, but taking the time to try to reach out to all and to lead them down a different path if necessary. Who has time for that! Isn’t it easier to just let them be? No one said life was easy, we need to MAKE time. Just because the election did not turn out how I wanted, doesn’t mean the battle is over. The road will just be a little harder. 

What does this mean?

First begin at home. God has given my husband and I five blessing that we are responsible for giving a solid base of Faith to build their lives on. This is a large responsibility as it has become more evident over the past few months that we live in a world that will often try to teach my kids the opposite lesson I want them to learn. 

Second reach out a little farther. It is our duty as friends, family, and Christians to be living examples of what Jesus taught. We heard a lot about trickle down methods during the election. The only trickle down method that works comes from God. “For nothing is impossible for God” (Luke 1:37)
“We the people” can make a difference, but we have to start building from the bottom.  Every person you touch builds that foundation.  God cares about even the smallest pieces of life, so why shouldn’t we. No more skipping the hard conversation and there is no room for compromising your values.  You only have to reach one person to start the chain of events.

Then when you’re not sure what to do next, PRAY!  That is how I was final able to fall asleep last night.

“Today we find ourselves back in 1776-but this time our path forward isn’t so clear-cut. The abuses being perpetrated by our government are just as obvious now as they were then, but instead of rising up with a collective voice, we sit idly by and watch as our hard-won freedoms slowly dissolve into a puddle of apathy, political correctness, and outright corruption…………………………...Do not remain neutral. Do not let others speak for you. Silence has gotten us nowhere so it’s once again time for our collective voice to make a simple yet powerful demand…  Don’t Tread on Me.”  
                                                                                    -- from Glenn Beck’s book, "Common Sense"        

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