About Me

A little more about Mom2five

Me: Samantha

Married 14 years with 5 children

When I have time like to: Run, read, Camp, Hike, water-ski, scrapbook, bake

Occupation, Stay at home Mom

College, Kansas State University Bachelors of Architectural Engineering

Other Hats:  Wife of 14 years, Daughter, granddaughter, daughter in –law, Sister, sister in-law, Friend, Soccer Mom, Dance Mom, Basketball Mom, Band Mom, Baseball Mom, taxi, Housekeeper(part time), Cook, Bookkeeper, Nurse, Church Volunteer, Soccer Volunteer, PTO

Before I was a Mom and Wife: Student Council, Track, Cross Country, Cheerleader, and Dance

Previous Jobs: Dance Teacher, Carpet and Floor Cleaning Assistant, Old Time Photographer, Student Office Helper, Intern on a Construction Site, Engineering Intern, Engineer

About my crew:

Husband: Kansas State Graduate, Construction Science and Management, works in that field. Can build anything I ask, enjoys hunting, fishing, and being outdoors. Is our household maintenance man, mechanic, yard keeper, firewood chopper, and my rock!

Our Children marked by how we lovingly refer to them at times, and count off to be sure all 5 have successfully made it into the car when we leave somewhere.

#1, 13yr old boy: Plays soccer, basketball, baseball, trumpet, loves to read (faster reader than his mom), young at heart, No girls yet for him sports and video games are still his top picks! He is handsome through and through.

 #2, 11 year old girl: Plays soccer, basketball, dance, likes to cook and do crafts, loves school, a talented athlete, quietly determined, stubborn (like her Dad), beautiful inside and out.

 #3, 9 year old boy: Plays soccer, basketball, likes to build things and be outdoors, his brains always ticking. Very smart, does not like school, good sense of humor, stubborn (like his Dad), but soft at heart especially for his little sisters. Dimples that will melt many girls’ hearts (like his Dad)

 #4, 6 year old girl: Plays soccer, basketball, T-ball, dance, gymnastics, likes to be in the spot light, energetic and excited about everything (a lot like her oldest brother) excellent reader, thanks to her oldest sister. She has a smile that will light up a room.

 #5, 2 year old girl: Too young to do it all, but will someday I’m sure. A vocabulary of twice her age, 2 going on 10, very smart knows all her letters and some many sounds (thanks to siblings and Super Wye); her eyes are amazing (like her Dad’s)

Favorite Quote:
“If God brings you to it, He’ll get you through it.”

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