Tuesday, November 6, 2012

You can’t win the Championship before Winning a Game. Focus Part 1

Kids are awesome. Who else can walk away from a soccer game after losing 0-18 and say, “They had 37 shots on goal Mom, I blocked 19!” My son had many games like this during his season and he never got discouraged. One game a player on the other team said,”Wow this goalie is short.  I’m going to score 10 goals on him.” My son informed me after the game with a smile on his face, “He never scored one.”  Each game was a new start and a chance to win. His field was one full of wishes, not weeds. The team did end up with one win and a tie, but the rest were pretty lopsided. He was a well practiced Goalie and he enjoyed every minute of it and I was proud of him. 

 Despite the fact I would love to continue logging all my proud moments of my kids’ fall soccer season. This story was just a reminder to me of the struggle I had yesterday.  I spent hours trying to write something for the blog, should it be on politics, maybe faith, or financial challenges. Hours with my head spinning and nothing getting done around the house or with my kids who were off of school yesterday. I finally decided I’d rather do the dishes.  So about lunch time I moved on for the day.

Why was I making this so hard? I don’t need another thing to distract me; I have plenty to do that already. So how was I going to make this work? 

 I thought about my first posting, and how it was suppose to lead me to better focus in my life.  It did, for the goal of being a better mother, winning the Championship Game if you will. I still needed a plan for the season games, my daily life. So I thought about my time in sports and things I did to improve. I had a plan for each practice, each race, and I set goals to get there.  Why didn’t I have a plan for my daily life?   
So my training plan begins by adding a Focus tab to my blog. This is where I will post my goals each week.  In the spirit of proper goal setting I am starting with “realistic” goals. This week’s list is small, and simple. But each one better aligns my focus with what is important to me. I am going to use my blog and all of you to hold me accountable. You don’t have to comment, just knowing someone else knows, helps keep me in line.  
My goals this week fall into two categories, a better Home and a Better House.  The Better Home goals are to give my family more of me and the Better House goals are to create a cleaner more organized place to live.  Anyone is welcome to join me if you like. Share your list or just your accomplishments by commenting. We can all “Cheer” each other on.  Kind of like a Mom’s Nike App.  

Some days we will win and others we may lose 0-18. Regardless, I plan to be proud of the 19 blocked goals, and have confidence that next time I will catch a few more of the ones that got by.

Each day is a new Game, so play on!
 (I will surely get a “You’re a dork” from my husband for this one! J)

P.S. Don’t forget to put on your goals today:    1. PRAY   2. VOTE

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