This Budget Page will show a list of my posts written on budgeting along with links to find more information.

Here I will share my ways to save money in specific categories as well as worksheets that I have slowly developed over the years for household budgeting. I would like to point out I am NOT an accountant or a computer programmer. Just a Mom who has kept our household books for 14 years and someone who loves to make spreadsheets for everything.

Warning I am cheap. Some like to be called frugal, but I don’t mind being called cheap. We have always wanted to rely on only 1 income, even when we had one “plus”. Following our system we have been able to handle up to $1000/month income fluctuation with only minor adjustments.

I am not saying we do things perfectly, but it works for us. Use what works for you and ignore the rest if you want. The most important part to being successful in your home finances is finding a system that works for your house. Living on a budget doesn’t mean you never get to buy or do anything. It actually should give you more freedom to spend because you know that your needs will be met first.

Budget Spreadsheet Instructions (download or print) 
Budget Spreadsheets

 Christmas Budget
Household Budget Step 1 
Household Budget Step 2, 3 to Finish 

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