Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year Resolutions: Focus! Part 3

I don’t know about everyone else but it seems you spend the first week of the New Year recovering from the old. Well Christmas decorations are down, and the house is almost back to our normal so it’s time, or past time for those New Years “Resolutions”.

I haven’t always had the best of luck keeping New Year Resolutions, none the less I have been trying to make my list. Here is my start:  1.Better develop my Faith, 2. Be a better Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Friend 3. Spend more time with family, 4. Exercise more, 5. Eat better, 6. Keep a better house, 7. Procrastinate less.  All of these are very familiar and I have tried before.  So how do I stay committed and get these all done?

My plan begins by adding a Focus tab to my blog. I will post my goals each week and use my blog and all of you to hold me accountable. Just knowing someone else knows helps keep me in line.  Nov 6, 2012 Post
Wait a minute I think I’ve said that before?  Well I was right for once! I need the accountability of writing it down. It only takes a few minutes, so why have I missed so many weeks. It is a chain reaction one day missed recording my score, one week missed setting goals, how easy it is to justify not taking the time to post, “Christmas decorations, Christmas Shopping, going out of town”, I had many excuses.  Habits are hard to break and set!  Just like you can’t tell a kid once to chew with their mouth closed and break the bad habit, I don’t expect after even one month that good habits are set and bad ones broken. The paper piles were gone, but likely will return to the list someday. Nov 12, 2012 Post I think I read that somewhere before too. Well the paper piles are back, along with other bad habits, I guess I was right twice!

I got a text from my sister the other day wondering if I had posted on my blog lately. The same day my husband asked about my blog. I felt a little frustrated about being asked, but my true frustration was with myself.  They were right this was the 4th week of not setting goals. Time flies, strange how you can find something that works so well and yet you allow yourself to stop doing it. The daily struggles of living.

So instead of starting something new for the New Year, I am going back to something that worked and try to get my resolutions done.   I will start again (and probably not for the last time) to continue trying to form good habits, break bad ones, by setting my goals under the following guidelines, that I have yet again made some minor adjustments too.    

 Mondays after my first “check point”, my new term for 9:00am, my “daily task” will be planning for the week, and setting goals. So by Tuesday morning or sooner my goals should be posted. If they’re not don’t be afraid to let me know. If your running partner didn’t show up one day, you’d check on them.
So I guess my New Year Resolution can be summed up in one simple yet at times difficult statement:   


For the rest of this week I am I am re-using the simple set of goals that was working before the Christmas chaos, to help me get back on track, so I am back in training.  I owe my husband and sister a, Thanks for checking on me!

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