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FOCUS Goals for week of Feb 18, 2013

 FOCUS Goals for week of Feb 18, 2013
Simple solutions that work for Our House:
Problem: Mail build up.
Our Solution:

When I get the mail I sort it right away, trash, to do, file or read later.

Trash: Items go immediately into the trash; sometimes I do this before I even go back in the house.
To do (bills & other things with a time restraint): I open and write the date it has to be done or paid by on the outside of the envelope and put it in order by date in a container that hangs on my wall. It is in a location I walk by multiply times a day. So at a glance see the next pending date.
File: Items get taken to their file or my “to file” box (our file cabinet is in the basement).
To read later: Items with no deadline go into a different slot in my wall file. Every now and then it starts to bulge so I have to empty it and some things don’t seem as important to read anymore and make their way to the trash.
This instant sort has cut back my paper piles. Unfortunately that is not only paper that enters my house.
New Goals, comments, and excuses are in purple below.
Goals for a Better Home
1. Personal Focus to better my relationship with God.
Daily: Start and end each day with prayer. Read two chapters in the Bible. Pray the Serenity prayer every day.
Weekly/Weekly: Read Chapter 3 & 4 in “The Lamps Supper” and answer questions. Run 5 days.  The first study session was great. I am even more excited now, we have good reading and a great group of people to share with and learn from.

2. Remove distractions at key times.
Daily: No computer 6:30-8:00am and 3:00-5:00pm (after everyone is home)
Weekly: Control volunteering but still get things done! Finding the right balance is hard!
Monthly: CUT BACK ON ELECTRONIC TIME! Funny now my kids are calling me out on my electronic time, lead by example!  

3. Add something to give more of me to my family.
Daily: Give my family a proper send off and welcome home each day. Focused one on one time with each family member.  Family Lent study. Reading has been good it even has a question to talk about at the end I am glad we are doing it.
Weekly: Send a handwritten letter to someone that I do not see often. I am not sure why but this is not getting done!
Monthly: Take my husband on a date. We went to the Ash Weds Service as a family.
Goals for a Better House
1. Daily Check Points: Weekly Plan Sheet (Done)
2. Weekly & Monthly Tasks, Chores and To Do Lists: Weekly Plan Sheet & Monthly Cleaning Schedule. Cleaning was not good last week; I never seem to stay on track when the kids are out of school. Catch up this week is a must! Reintroduce the chore schedule we used in the past for my kids, I think when I get to this it will be a kid’s version of mine; they have been asking me about it since it is hanging on the fridge.
2 &3 Weekly/Monthly Project to Do List:
Monday: Weekly: Catch up on Laundry, Soccer emails, Dentist app, Prep Book Study, Soccer team handouts. Monthly: None
Tuesday: Weekly/Monthly: Review soccer league schedules. Send questions on new soccer building.
Weds: Weekly: None, Monthly: Finish Girls room Purge
Thurs: Weekly: Call about internet and Basement, Monthly: Finish Boys room Purge
Fri: Weekly: Cleaning catch up, Monthly: Finish Kitchen purge.

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