Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Scratch Paper Essays

“Maybe I should start a blog”, I said to my husband one day. He agreed saying, “You do have a lot to say”. I am not sure that was a compliment, but none the less it gave me motivation. Honestly I really wasn’t sure what a blog was, but the engineer in me came out and I started planning my perfect blog. 

I researched how to make a blog, and started jotting down my ideas on whatever paper was within reach.  After 11 months, a folder full of rough drafts, and my family saying just do it already, I have finally begun. Not because I had completed my perfect plan, but I think I finally realized that like life, the perfect plan was always changing. 

 “Scratch Paper Essays” will share my ideas on family, faith, and life challenges.  Some topics will be lighthearted others more complex. Some may be written from emotions and some with careful thought. One essay may touch you and the next annoy you.  I will make no guarantees on proper grammar, punctuation, or politically correct conversation, only that I will share my perspective as I walk, or mostly run, down the path of life.