Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Daily Score

mom2five Goal App
Check out the mom2five app in the side bar. It's not a real app to download(ha ha) I am learning more but I'm not that savy in technology yet. You can now click if you have your goals set, when goals are achieved and once to cheer everyone on!

To any that wanted to comment and had trouble I adjusted my settings on comments hopefully this will help. I think you can now comment anonymously.

Week of Nov 12-16
Day 1(Nov 12) Score: mom2five 7, ones that got by 1
Day 2(Nov 13) Score: mom2five 6, ones that got by 2
Day 3(Nov 14) Score: mom2five 7, ones that got by 1
Day 4(Nov 15) Score: mom2five 6, ones that got by 2 

Final Results for the Week of Nov. 6-10
 Day 1 Score (Nov 6):  mom2five 4-1/2,  ones that got by 1-1/2.For those of you that know me, getting dressed by 9:00 was NOT one I missed, though I had to stop typing and run to my room to get it done :).
Day 2 Score (Nov 7):   mom2five 4, ones that got by 2 (Rough day for the house)
Day 3 (Nov8): mom2five 5-1/2, only 1/2 got by. Almost a shut out, but I forgot to make my bed, darn!
Day 4 (Nov 9): mom2dfive 6! (OK it was 9:05 when finished the morning chores, but that was pretty close)

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