Friday, November 9, 2012

Family Time

K-State Rocks!

Purple and white through the night, Go K-State!  This is a song my younger two girls like to sing. I don’t know if they made it up or heard it somewhere, but it is their cheer for our favorite team.  As we prepare for the weekend our common question comes up. ”What time does K-State play?” For those of you who don’t live in Kansas, most everyone here is either a Wildcat or a Jayhawks fan. 

We are definitely Wildcat fans! When I was pregnant the 4th time our oldest asked us, “What will we do if the new baby likes KU?”  We avoid the colors of blue and red unless white is included and even then it must be clear that we are being patriotic. 

I can still remember one of my friends saying when I chose KSU for a school,” At least you could’ve picked a school with a good football team.”  I was thoroughly entertained when KSU tied their school the first year and beat them many times after. Then of course, look at them now!

Wildcat pride is not what I am writing about, though it does make me smile. I have been thinking about what great family time we have supporting our teams.  Each weekend and some evenings during basketball season we all watch or listen to the games. Yes, I said listen because we don’t have cable so sometimes we listen to them on the radio. The older kids can follow quit well without seeing it, and the younger ones just know what it means when they say, “Good for a Wildcat Touchdown!”  We put on our colors, prepare game snacks, stand with hands over our hearts for the national anthem, and then enjoy the game. Enjoying the game is different for everyone. Some are more concerned with making and/or eating the snacks, some intently watch each play, others watch periodically as they play on the floor. Regardless we are spending time together and everyone cheers when our team scores. 

This team spirit also provides many conversations in our house.  There has been much talk this week about whether or not Collin Klein will play. Our oldest may update us on team stats, or my 1st grader might tell us which of her friends are KSU fans and which like KU. My son even helps me follow one of my teams, the Broncos. He normally says, “Did you see how your Broncos did yesterday Mom?” Sometimes he is just likes giving me a hard time and they all think it’s funny to call the greatest quarterback ever “John Smellway.” At least they are showing interest in something I like. That is what family does, why do you think I started watching the Chiefs, they were like KU to me as a kid.    

One of the most fun traditions we have is our Super bowl party. We make snacks, a cookie pizza that we decorate with both teams, print super bowl bingo off the internet and enjoy the evening.  My sister called one year as we were getting ready and asked who we were having over. Just us, I said. Though we do invite people to join us sometimes, most of our game day events are just us. I’m not sure how long it will stay that way and it is not a big deal if the kids want friends join us. It’s just nice to be together.

I know sports aren’t everything, and a good football team is no reason to choose a college. But when you find something your family can enjoy together, whatever your K-State may be, I say embrace it! 
                                                          GO WILDCATS!

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