Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Updates & FOCUS Goals for week of May 13, 2013

What a great weekend only 3 soccer games, two birthday parties and mother’s day, it felt so relaxing! We had a party with friends for our #3 on Sat which was actually my husband’s birthday, but he wanted to have an air soft war so Dad enjoyed that too. Sun was his real birthday and mother’s day. They had an alligator exhibit at the zoo that he wanted to see. We had taco bell for lunch, my favorite fast food, and #3 really wanted to try the Doritos Tacos.

It was a beautiful day out and we just did want we (our family) wanted on our own schedule, that doesn’t happen very often.  


Extras:  My kids (and me) are sooooo ready for summer. The mornings are getting harder. I hate to hurry days because I know time goes too fast, but it just seems to drag on for them this year.
The oldest ended his 10 year career at Sunflower Soccer with an undefeated season and Sunflower Blast Champions. I was a little nervous because they played a team that they only beat 1-0 in the championship game, but #1 seed played in their favor as they didn’t have to play in the semi finals. It brought tears to my eyes the end of an era. You find as a mom there are many of those; they do get a little easier because you realize the next phase has its new adventures.

The 6th grade track meet went well. #2 held onto 2 of the 3 championships she had last year. 1st in the long jump and 2nd in the 100m with a photo finish (her mom still thinks they tied) unfortunately her relay team (in her handoff) dropped the baton. They allow them to pick it back up if they do not interfere with another runner. So she picked it up and got them back in the race. With a strong anchor her team was still able to pull off a tie for first place. I was proud of her composure and quick response to the dropped hand off, and full effort on the run!  I’m not sure who was more nervous her or me. My hands were shaking before each race. I was very proud of her!

Chickens:  They are in need of a new home again. Planning to move them outside this week with the weather skipping to summer they will be fine and thankful to be out of the garage. I am a little nervous about getting them there. They are bigger now and their peck packs a little more punch. I will definitely be waiting for my boy’s assistance this time!

 Weather:  Well we have gone from snow to a high of 94 today! Crazy weather this year honestly I prefer the cold over 100deg days. I refuse to turn on the air, our heat actually ran 2 days ago and there was a frost warning over night.  I want the doors and windows open at least a few weeks before the air goes on.  Really I only moved the winter coats to the downstairs closet last week!
Meals: With our schedule slowing down dinners are improving. Just having the time to eat dinner at home, all at the same time really opens your options.

House:  Laundry was back on last week. I had a continuing education lunch yesterday so I am a half day behind right now, but I think I can catch up by the end. With a birthday party come visitors. So my house was clean on Sat. night. This of course was only after a lot of yelling and finally some assistance from the kids. Hoping to keep up order, but with the last couple busy weeks of school I am expecting it to be challenging.

FOCUS Goals for week of May 13, 2013
New Goals, comments, and excuses are in purple below.

Goals for a Better Home
1. Personal Focus to better my relationship with God.
·         Start and end each day with prayer. Read two chapters in the Bible.   
·         Run if I can.  Still trying!
·         Read 1 chapter in Reasons to Believe.

2. Remove distractions at key times.
·         No computer 6:30-8:00am and 3:00-5:00pm   
·         Evaluate my options for volunteering and maybe a little extra income? What can I handle and still keep up like I want at home?

3. Add something to give more of me to my family.
·         Take a minute when everyone gets home each night to see what is going on with them and what needs to get done.
·        Better meals.

Goals for a Better House
1. Daily Check Points: Work harder on my Daily Check Points.
2. Weekly: Catch up on tasks and “to do list”.
Mon: Cont. Educ. Lunch. Post soccer scores from final weekend. Help with history project for #1!
Tues: Clean out chicken cage. Set up meeting for soccer review for next year. Laundry!
Weds: Clean! Figure out weekend plans I am nervous about getting everyone where they need to be this weekend. (Baseball, dance recital & graduations!) Laundry!
Thurs: Errands. Start prepping for end of year EVERYTHING, next week will be busy!!!
Fri: School activity day.

3. Monthly: Projects and deep cleaning on hold, cleaning when necessary right now.

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